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27 Apr 2023 um 8:30 Exactly on time .. nice food
23 Apr 2023 um 20:46 Terrible Restaurant always deliver wrong food or do not deliver complete order and quite rude on the phone!!! Avoid this place
6 Mär 2023 um 10:07 The food was planned to arrive at 5 pm but it arrived at 6 pm. The portion were super small. So for almost 50 eur not even 2 people could eat. Everything was in little salads container. Very disappointing. Almost a scam. Was tasty though.
10 Feb 2023 um 20:21 Food was nice but wasn't as spicy as I expected considering the fact that it was "pepper soup"
19 Jan 2023 um 11:16 Nice food, good portions
14 Jan 2023 um 16:48 This was incredible shallow, the food I ordered cost about 68 Euros for 3 meals and an appetizer. Food quality was bad, the potions were so small, they send us food in the little salad containers. Potions weren’t even half a plate. Scammers!
7 Jan 2023 um 22:07 Die Lieferung war super, da das Essen auch gut eingepackt war, aber leider waren die Portionen schon klein für den Preis den man zahlt.
4 Jan 2023 um 7:58 The jollof rice was not so good and the meat sauce was too concentrated and spicy enough even tho the description of the meal stated that it was spicy
10 Dez 2022 um 20:39 Portion zu klein
25 Nov 2022 um 22:18 Wir haben 2,5 Stunden auf das Essen gewartet ! Es war alles kalt und bei Anruf im Restaurant wurde die Schuld auf den Fahrer geschoben. So geht Service, NICHT !
8 Nov 2022 um 20:46 Not as spicy as I would've liked...
19 Okt 2022 um 21:26 Bad value for money (Too expensive for the quantity and the quality) Cold and not tasty food.